Pipeline1.pngEncryo has EPC or EPCM project experience in long-distance pipeline projects at Africa (Ghana), the Middle East (Iraq), etc., which were used for the transport of crude, refined petroleum, fuel oil and natural gas of well pads, tank farms, power plants or city fuel gas supply.


Typically, the long-distance pipeline project including,

  • Pumping Station

  • Compressor Station

  • Pressure Regulator Station

  • Block Valve Station

  • Metering Station

  • Pig-launcher System

  • Chemical Injection Station

  • SCADA System

  • Cathodic Protection System

  • Leakage Detection System

Encryo is able to construct long-distance pipelines transporting crude oil, natural gas, refined oil and other medium. Moreover, pipeline ancillary facilities such as valve stations, compressor stations. Are also within the capability of Encryo.