Procurement and logistic specialists providing door-to-door supply chain management

Encryo’s procurement team provides our customs with overall supply chain management services.

With annual expenditures exceeding $100 million, we support more than 30 oil & gas, LNG, modular etc. complex projects in remote locations throughout the world using suppliers in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, south Asia, China and etc.  We have practical & flexible procedure, web-based supplier database, professional portable inspection tools, and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our customers: responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and service, on time, and at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Encryo’s procurement team is composed of buyer, logistic and inspector.  With limited procurement and logistic specialists and experts, we provide complete door-to-door supply chain management service.

Today's projects demand improved sources of supply

Our global sourcing solution is significant contribution for project cost saving. They allow us to source equipment from across the world, no matter how bespoke or complex project demands.

With visibility of the entire supply chain, our center analyze the total cost, distance and quality to find the right equipment and material. The team have close relationships with hundreds of suppliers, and they are as selective about who they work with as you are.