H2 Purification


Hydrogen Purification Unit can produce hydrogen with 99.8% purity by processing raw gas from refinery reforming gas, syngas and other hydrogen rich gas. The Hydrogen Purification Unit mainly consists of PSA vessels, valve skid, hydrogen compressor and other necessary auxiliaries. All sequence valves are pre-assembled in one skid and inter-connection pipe between valve skid and PSA vessels are pre-fabricated in workshop. All connection at site are flanges with bolts/nuts without welding work. It is convenient for customers to assemble on site and reduce the installation time extremely.


Encryo is expertise for skid and modular design and supply. Many process units or facilities of chemical/petrochemical plant were designed in skid, and they are fabricated in workshop with high quality, easy transportation, short delivery time and short on site construction work.

These kind of skids have been widely used in America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. These kind of skids include Hydrogen Dryer, Hydrogen Purification, Metering Station, Valve Skid of Molecular Sieve, etc.