Shell LNG Project

We provided technology for Shell’s LNG project as Moveable Modular Liquefaction System (MMLS):

-       Innovative and flexible small-scale liquefaction plant, that cools natural gas to the point that it becomes a liquid-commonly known as liquefied natural gas or LNG.

-       Stringent safety standards and assurance processes.

-       Multiple controls throughout design, permitting, construction and on-going operations.

Shell’s USLNG Project is for natural gas processing and liquefaction facilities capable of receiving and liquefying domestic natural gas at the Elba Terminal. The facilities associated with the USLNG is situated at the Elba Terminal on an 840-acre island known as Elba Island. The Project are constructed in two phases: Phase I included installation of 6 liquefaction units equal to an output capacity of 210 MMcf per day and Phase II includes installation of up to 4 liquefaction units equal to an output capacity of 140 MMcf per day. The Project used MMLS technology

Scope of supply and work for the Shell’s USLNG Project

-       Acid gas removal

-       Dehydration

-       Liquefaction

-       Refrigeration system

-       Cooling system (ambient air)

-       Heating Medium system

-       Control systems

-       Engineering, procurement and manufacture of process modules

-       Site installation supervision and commissioning support.