SRC LPG Recovery Project site is located in the existing South Refinery, in Basra, Iraq. The owner is South Refineries Company (SRC), China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) is the EP contractor and Encryo undertakes the engineering design work and procurement service. The SRC LPG Recovery Plant is to utilize the HDS gas and reforming gas from SRC Refinery which are rich in propane and butane to produce LPG and Propane. The plant includes 5 process units: Desulfurization, Dehydration, LPG Purification, Propane Production and Refrigeration Package. Thereinto, The H2S contained in the HDS gas is removed by absorption with MDEA. The dehydration unit is to adopt molecular sieve adsorption to remove contained water. The whole plant is pre-fabricated in China which greatly reduced the site installation work in Iraq.