LPG Extraction

LPG.jpgEncryo has completed more than 20 cryogenic turbo expander LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and NGL recovery plant projects and has a proven track record of successful plant performances and start-ups.

LPG consists mainly of propane (C3) and butane (C4) and is widely used as fuel for cooking and an alternative automotive fuel or as chemical feedstock.

LPG recovery can apply expander process by using cryogenic absorption and deethaniser column to reach a higher recovery rates as high of C3 and C4.

Another simple way is to cooling the feed gas by a refrigeration package then fraction the composition to a target product. This process is simple but with lower recovery of C3 and C4. But it is suitable for small scale plant and remote area.

LPG can be fractionated, stored in tanks and loaded for export

Encryo can provide not only the LPG recovery unit, but also can cover all aspects of LPG project depending on what fits customer needs and requirements. We can supply:

    Modular LPG recovery (extraction) units


    Complete LPG recovery plants, including gas treating, dehydration, fractionation, refrigeration, heat medium systems, utilities, control system, MCC etc.