Dew Point Control

dew.jpgEncryo provides dew point control units to treat natural gas to meet pipeline gas specification or any specific requirement for downstream utilization of the gas. This process utilizes mechanical refrigeration (typically propane refrigeration) to chill and partially condense raw natural gas to separate out the heavier hydrocarbon components. The condensed hydrocarbon liquids are then distilled in either a stabilizer distillation column to produce a pentane plus (C5+) natural gasoline condensate or distilled in a deethanizer distillation column to produce a propane plus (C3+) LPG liquid product.

Encryo has rich experience for engineering, manufacturing and operation of modular type dew point control units. Encryo has built more than 100 dew point control units all around the world. The unit capacity is from 5 to 300 MMSCFD and refrigeration power of 75 kW to 2,000 kW.

Encryo has built dew point control units using the following process technologies:

    Mechanical refrigeration plants


    Joule-Thompson (JT) units