Gas Sweetening

sweetening.jpgEncryo gas sweetening units to remove acid gas from feed gas to meet pipeline gas specification, liquefaction requirement for natural gas. Other applications such as acid gas removal for tail gas in refineries to meet gas specifications for fuel gas and LPG product specification.

Encryo has built amine sweetening units ranging from a gas flowrate from 1 MMSCFD to 200 MMSCFD (30,000Nm3/Day to 5,000,000Nm3/day) and amine circulation rates from 10 m3/hr to 300 m3/hr. The amine system can be provide as modular plant.

The operation pressure is differ from 10 barg to 80 barg and the out let content for H2S can reach less than 4 ppm and CO2 can be less than 3% or 50ppm as required from down stream.

Encryo can design the amine sweetening plant by using below solvents:

•     DEA

•     MDEA

•     DGA

•     Mixed amines